SEO on Google and Bing - what is it about?

Positioning the website on Google or Bing is not the responsibility of every website or online store owner. Year on year we have a significant increase in internet users in the world. Thanks to the ease of access to smartphones and the Internet, it is estimated that there are over 4.5 billion active users of the Google search engine worldwide! Bing is less popular but also used by Polish internet users. This number perfectly reflects how important the Internet is on the map of every business. It is worth making sure that your website, business or blog becomes visible to millions of potential recipients.

So what is positioning?

Positioning can be simply called activities aimed at increasing the visibility of the page in the Google search engine (in search results). Often the positioning itself is not carried out in accordance with Google's guidelines, which may result in the imposition of a penalty (filter or ban).

What are search results?

By entering the phrase we are interested in in the Google and Bing search engines, we get a list of websites that 'in the eyes' of the search engine robots best match the query.

google results

Google search results:

There are paid advertisements for the products on the phrase 'protein supplements' in block 1 and 3. In this case, the ad comes from a Google Merchant Center Shopping ad. To be able to display in this way, you must create an advertisement via Google Adwords.However, SEO is not about buying paid ads. The positioned pages are displayed naturally in the Google index, which can be seen in the picture in positions 1-10.It is worth noting that for different phrases, including local phrases, the search results may differ.An important element of Google's new reality is the placement of 3 local store items from Google Maps.

This solution is beneficial for local businesses that can compete with nationwide stores. Being in Warsaw, by entering the phrase we are interested in, we will get the results of the positioned sites as well as stores in maps. It is also a convenience for us because the physical address of the stores and the telephone number are displayed.However, for the positioner as well as the agency's client, the placement of such results may be troublesome because in many cases paid advertising and Google Maps results may completely obscure the organic results, which will be displayed below the map results.

Magic SEM - what is it and what is it with?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - the sum of SEO activities + paid advertising. SEM activities for many large players on the market are practically a standard in marketing. It is worth mentioning that when you start positioning for the results of which you have to wait sometimes for months, paid activities are the only option to get traffic on the website.

Google and Bing algorithm - who determines the positions?

The algorithm is responsible for the position of pages in the Google or Bing search engine. As Google is the most popular search engine, we will focus on it. More than 200 different factors are used to rank a website. Of course, no one knows the exact operation of the algorithm (sometimes I have the impression that even Google does not know it ...) but there are quite a few specialists in the world who measure such factors and with a certain degree of probability these factors play a role in determining the ranking.

We divide the factors into:

Related to the content on the website, that is:

In turn, factors related to the popularity of the site are:

So is it worth the effort and being high in search results?

It all depends on what goal you want to achieve. Things will be different if you run a cooking blog and different if you run an online store with cooking products. Another aspect will be the competitiveness of a given keyword and how many people are searching for a given phrase.

However, the most important aspect is the position and here it is worth considering when starting positioning whether it is real to get high places because the click-through rate due to the position looks like this:

  1. position - 51% entries,

  2. position - 34% entries,

  3. position - 29% entries,

  4. 23%,

  5. 20%,

  6. 17%,

  7. 15%,

  8. 15%,

  9. 12%,

  10. 10%.

From the above traffic distribution, we can assume that if the monthly traffic for a given phrase is 10,000. for the first place it will be about 5,000 visits and for 10 only 100. Of course, well-optimized websites, even being in the 10th position, can count on more traffic due to the long tail effect and keyword summation.

What is SEO and what is positioning?

SEO is an abbreviation of the English name Search Engine Optimalization, i.e. search engine optimization. In general, all activities aimed at increasing the ranking of the website in the search engine. The basic steps of SEO activities will be:

At Open Mind SEO, as many years of practice, we know how to help your website. We are able to increase the amount of traffic, increase sales or raise brand awareness, regardless of whether you are a small or large player.

Threats resulting from SEO activities

Many companies offer their services based on certain myths that can be dangerous and mislead their customers. Nobody knows the algorithm and the way of thinking of its creators, so nobody can guarantee SEO results.

The biggest myths about SEO:

In summary, the positioning process is a slow process. Conscientious and thoughtful actions will bring results. If you do not want to use our offer and you want to position your website, remember about the basics that will give your website a good start.